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Design Philosophy

Our surroundings profoundly affect all of us.  Our houses, places of work and the communities we live in shape our spiritual and mental well-being.  Our ability to be productive, our capacity to use our physical and cognitive ability and our susceptibility to stress are measurably influenced by what we inhabit.  (excerpted from the American Architectural Foundation)

To facilitate projects that are mutually successful for our clients, the community, and ourselves, EBA’s design philosophy is to create projects that are functional, sustainable, well built and beautiful.  Functional excellence is the ability of a building to serve its intended purpose.  Sustainable is the ability to meet our needs without compromising the needs of future generations.  Well built and technically correct makes buildings more durable, easier to maintain, and in the long run a good return on the clients investment.  Beautiful is the aesthetic quality of the work and it’s ability to inspire and lift the human spirit. 

Our passion is dedicated to intelligent and elegantly solved design problems.  Creating beautiful, sustainable, site-sensitive architecture, responsive to light and space, the sun, the surroundings, and environmental and economic conditions.