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KFC Parley
ADA Compliance

California, Title 24, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, have very exact limitations on elevation changes and slopes of a building’s site work.  At this small site, it was necessary to calculate precise elevation changes to assure compliance. The first issue addressed was the necessary removal of an existing non-complying ramp that led from the public sidewalk to the building entry, and how to design a new code compliant accessible route of travel. 

The solution was to create the path of travel in a serpentine shape thereby increasing it’s length and decreasing it’s slope.  The code states that when the slope is under 5% it is designated a walkway not a ramp and does not require handrails on both sides.  Accessible parking spaces do not allow a curb ramp within the perimeter of the unloading aisle, so it was turned 90 degrees and placed in the adjacent tree planter. This avoided a depressed sidewalk style curb ramp that would have occurred too close to the building entry. 

The interior toilet rooms were also completely remodeled to meet ADA requirements.

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