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Kwiatkowski / Roberts Residence
Custom Home Remodel

The owners of this two bedroom Spanish Bungalow in the historic Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose needed to expand their 1,330 s.f. house to meet the needs of a growing family.  They also needed to fix the crumbling foundation that was causing the floors to slope from the ground settlement.  The long narrow lot yielded ample space for both the new master suite and guestroom addition, with enough room for a rear deck. 

The owners wished to maintain the architectural scale and character of the original house so the new single story addition also employs the same flat roof structure and tile-capped parapet wall.  Divided lite wood windows and a wood trellis with shaped beam ends are additional architectural elements typical of the period.  A new side entry foyer with a pyramid skylight and built-in seat graces the transition between the new addition and the existing house.  The process of lifting the house leveled the floors and, with the new foundation design, we created a basement area for utilities and much needed storage. 

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