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An extensive ADA study of the entire 128,800 s.f. building was commissioned by LSI Corporation and sought to identify all areas of their building that necessitated changes to come into compliance with the 2010 U.S. Department of Justice ADA Standards. The study used site and floor plan keynotes referenced to a spreadsheet of ADA items, which noted the existing condition, the requirement for compliance, and the section of the ADA that was being referenced. A second contract with LSI was commissioned with EBA to produce designs and details for construction of the corrective measures intended to make the building comply with the most current ADA standards and accessible for the disabled user. The acronym ADA stands for The Americans with Disabilities Act, which is a civil rights law and is enforced with civil litigations. The state of California also has building code requirements, which closely parallel the ADA. The state code is enforced during the building permitting and field inspection process for new construction.

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