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Loring Ward
Tenant Improvement

Loring Ward Advisors is a wealth management firm that needed to have a security separation between the public areas of their offices and the private areas where client sensitive information could potentially be exposed.  This was in a nearly new building.  To solve this issue we installed two additional doors with security key cards for staff members only.  This is a partial illustration of the drawings that were required to get plans approved by the City of San Jose.  What seems like a very small alteration to clients, and to everyone else for that matter can still generate a considerable amount of work.  For instance, it was required that we show the disabled access path of travel to a shared parking deck and show the dimensions of the spaces and the unloading aisles even though no work was proposed in that area.  We also were required to show the existing toilet rooms and the path of travel from them to the Loring Ward tenant area.  Also required was the occupancy calculation for our space on the second floor, as well as the calculation for the spaces on the first floor so the entire building exiting could be analyzed and proved to the building plan checker.   The floor area for Lorring Ward was required to show that there were no intervening rooms that were in violation of the code.  The addition of these two doors required three full size plan sheets.

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